Ty cleared his throat. “I forgot,” he said again, for Zane’s benefit and theirs. “Zane, this is Nick O’Flaherty. Boston accent. Owen Johns, upstate New York. Kelly Abbott, Colorado. And Digger, deep Bayou.” His name was actually Duruand Garrigou, but since none of them had ever been able to pronounce his name to his satisfaction, he’d been Digger since he’d joined the team.

Roux, Abigail; Urban, Madeleine (2011-10-14). Divide & Conquer (Cut & Run Series) (Kindle Locations 3152-3154). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition. 

i always forget Digger has an actual name other than Digger lols

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Can someone actually write it out phonetically?  I am deeply curious.

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Due rue aww  Gar ee goo  from what I remember of high school French.




I see a Zane who is between T&G and B&C. He is standing alone in their room. Looking at their empty bed.


He closes his eyes then slowly opens them imagining Ty in the room. Wait, let me throw the walls up.


Look at that longing. Look at that pain. The loneliness.


Zane is…

Awww, Zane.  Come here, baby; I’ll take care of you. ;)

Re your tags: This separation is harder on Zane.  Ty knew for years that he could be called up. Ty is back to what he loves, being a Marine.  Ty has his friends around, not constantly like when they were a FR team, but he sees them regularly.  Ty is good at making friends, so he probably has a bunch of new buddies.  Ty has his mission to focus on and is good at compartmentalizing.  Ty is not surrounded by people and things that remind him of Zane.  Ty also knows Zane is probably safe and he knows how to get in touch with Zane when he is able.

Zane has been living his life for Ty for more than two years and was planning to ask Ty to marry him.  Then his world got turned upside down when Ty revealed that he’d been spying on Zane the whole time.  Zane has had only a month to try to come to terms with that and to try to get some balance in his life.  He’s been planning to start fresh with Ty, to begin a life together with them as equals, with no more secrets and lies. 

Two days after Ty gets back, Zane’s life & plans are disrupted again.  Not only is Ty called up, Ty outs Zane at work, leaving Zane to deal with the fallout.  Zane is living in Ty’s house, surrounded by Ty’s things, working with Ty’s friends, his boss is Ty’s “uncle”, the man who thought Zane was a traitor and assigned Ty to spy on him. Zane has only been sober for a month, so the pull of alcohol is going to be pretty strong, especially since what kept him sober in the past is gone.  Zane is also more of an introvert and doesn’t make friends easily, and most of his pursuits are solitary: reading, painting, cooking.  He has a lot of time alone to dwell on his problems and worry about Ty.

Zane has no idea where Ty is, what he is going through, what kind of danger he might be in, if he is even alive.  Every time the phone rings he has to have a mixture of hope and fear; maybe it’s Ty calling him. But what if it’s Deuce or Mara, calling to tell him Ty won’t be coming home?  Then he answers and is disappointed it’s not Ty, but relieved it’s not the news he’s been dreading. 

So Zane is under a lot of stress at work: dealing with a new position, dealing with Burns, dealing with his former team who now know he is queer and in a relationship with Ty.  At home he is surrounded by memories of Ty; he’s trying to cope with his loneliness, his stress, his worry, all while trying to stay sober.  Since he can only sleep well when Ty is with him, he’s also sleep deprived.  With all he has to deal with, it’s amazing he doesn’t have a mental breakdown or a heart attack.


C&R Sims: Telling secrets


Sims 3 has this option to “share secret” between lovers.


So I was curious and had Ty tell a secret to Zane.


Ty - “Have you heard?  Kelly Abbott has been flirting with Nick O’Flaherty!”

Oh that is just lame.  Nice smirk Zane.  Anyway, let’s try Nick and Kelly.


Kelly- “I just want to dance!”

Of course Zane is smirking;  he knows with whom Kelly is really flirting.  No wonder Kelly just wants to dance.  Who do we know who loves to dance?  :D

If you are going for 3 couples in the tub, you’ll have to add more Sims to your Sims world.  Who’s it going to be?  Digger, Owen, Deuce?  You could be perverse and pair up Digger & Owen; I’m sure they would both be horrified at the idea.  That Force Recon team was exposed to a pretty virulent strain of gay, though. ;)




So I have been working on a massive Zane meta since he is pouting that Ty got a big massive meta and he did not. Ok, he is not pouting. More brooding. Feeling neglected. Dejected. Sitting in a corner flipping his knife around.

Anyway, something hit me about these two:

Ty is a Gryffindor,…

Well, I’m afraid I don’t agree at all with your assessment.  I had to Google the Hogwarts Houses to see which traits were associated with each house.  Below is a list of the houses and the characteristics most valued in their respective members (from Wikipedia).

Slytherin house values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness

Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, and wit

Gryffindor values courage, bravery, nerve and chivalry

Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty

The sorting hat describes the Houses this way:

You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry, Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin, You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means, To achieve their ends.

Based on those criteria, I’m not sure any of the guys would fit in Gryffindor.  Depending on what the cryptic comments Abi has made about Nick mean, I’d say Nick was closest to a Gryffindor.  Charles Turner described him as a boy scout, and Kelly considers him to have a strong moral compass.  I’m not convinced about his moral compass based on things like kissing Ty and bribing Kelly’s doctor, but he does seem to have a desire to protect and serve.

I think almost everybody was shocked and disbelieving when Ty’s father insinuated it was cowardice that made Ty hesitate to go after the bad guys in S&S1.  Because Ty was a Marine, we just accept that Ty is brave.  But Ty joined the Marines out of fear; he was running away from his family, David, and himself. 

Ty doesn’t run from physical danger, but that is partly because he likes the excitement, and partly because he if afraid of looking weak and cowardly.  I think if Ty had a boggart, it would be his dad looking at him with disgust.  He might be afraid in certain situations, but he is more afraid of not measuring up to his father’s standards.  It isn’t bravery to do something that scares you to avoid something that scares you more. 

If Ty were truly brave, he would have stood up to his father and refused to pursue the criminals in S&S1.  Ty would have followed his better judgement and gone back to call in reinforcements.  Going after those men was not brave; it was foolhardy, probably against protocol, and possibly illegal.  There is no way it would be acceptable for an FBI agent to involve two civilians in the pursuit of armed criminals.  Lets not forget that Ty and Zane were on leave for failing their mental health evals.  They could have gotten themselves and the Bureau in serious trouble for their actions.

Ty is daring, but he is also cunning and resourceful.  He isn’t ambitious in the sense of trying to achieve wealth, power, or status, but he does have personal ambition.  Ty is highly competitive and hates to lose, so much so that in order to win the training exercise, he sacrificed Zane to the paint ball bullets.

Ty lies like a rug.  He lies about big things, little things, and huge things like no longer being a Marine and why he was partnered with Zane.  Some of Ty’s lies, deceptions, and omissions are truly due to being bound to secrecy, but a lot of them are because Ty doesn’t want to face the possible ramifications of the truth’s coming out.

Ty really doesn’t seem to have much of a moral code beyond following orders.  He doesn’t judge for himself whether the person giving the orders is worthy of his trust or if the orders are moral or immoral. 

For instance, when Turner recruited Ty, Turner told him, “Think over it hard. Once you go down my road, you don’t go back. You’ll come out the other end someone else. Someone … you might not like. Someone this David of yours definitely won’t like.” … “You could be some anonymous white knight, Grady. If that’s the road you want to take. Loyalty and honor. A drop of decency in a bucket with a hole too large to patch. Or you could be my rook.”

That is like the Sorting Hat tempting Harry with Slytherin and all it could help him achieve.  Harry refused the temptation, Ty accepted it.  Ty turned his back on “loyalty and honor” to become Turner’s rook, which is better than a pawn but still expendable.

Zane does not belong in Slytherin.  I would call him a Ravenpuff.  His main qualities fit equally in Ravenclaw (intelligence, wit, learning) and Hufflepuff (hard work, patience, justice, loyalty).  Zane is intelligent and logical, but I wouldn’t call him cunning.  He is very straightforward and honest.  He hides his emotions, but he doesn’t try to deceive people except as part of his job. 

The definition of cunning from Google is “having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion”.  Zane achieved his ends by hard work and dedication.  He was ambitious before Becky died, but he wasn’t a snake or a backstabber. 

All high achievers have ambition; that is a quality that is necessary for success in any field, whether your ambition is to be rich and famous or to be the best at what you do.  So although Slytherin House puts high value on ambition, ambition isn’t exclusively a Slytherin trait.  The difference is Slytherins don’t care how the ambition is achieved, while the other Houses value intelligence, courage, and hard work. 

Zane said that he was ambitious, that he worked hard to move up in the Bureau, but when Becky died, he threw that all away to go undercover in Miami.  His actions while undercover were definitely not motivated by ambition.  If he were truly a cold, ambitious person, Becky’s death would not have affected him so strongly or derailed his ambition the way it did. 

After Zane is pulled from Miami and threatened with losing his job and going to jail, he works at redeeming himself.  His ambition is to prove himself to the higher ups in the Bureau.  Sometime after meeting Ty, he stops caring about making a good impression on the boss and only cares about being worthy of Ty.

Based on what we’ve seen of Zane, I don’t think he is personally ambitious.  I think his previous ambition was to try to prove to his mother that he was doing something worthwhile, to try to earn her esteem.  Now he cares more about earning Ty’s esteem, and Ty isn’t impressed with status so Zane no longer has the same job ambitions.

Zane worked hard to get through the FBI training, he worked hard to move up in the FBI, he worked hard to build up his muscles, he worked hard to redeem himself, and now he is working hard to stay sober and to build a life not centered on Ty.

Zane’s moral code is hard to define, but I’d say he values honesty, loyalty and justice.  He’s fine with killing the bad guys in S&S1 because he feels they deserve it.  They’ve killed others and attempted to kill Zane, Ty, & company, so justice is served by killing them. 

Zane definitely did not kill “Swizzlestick” because of Zane’s need for Ty.  Zane would have taken the same action no matter whose life was being threatened.  Zane didn’t even think before firing:

Ty still held Redjacket by his neck, and as Zane watched he rolled the unconscious man to the side and pushed himself up, reaching for the gun on the ground next to him. But before Ty could get to it, Swizzlestick raised his
shotgun and aimed it right at Ty’s back.
In that split-second, Zane reacted instinctively: he snatched Ty’s gun up from the dirt and pulled the trigger without a single thought.
Three gunshots cracked loudly in immediate succession, echoing in the forest, and everything came to a sudden stop as Swizzlestick collapsed, thudding hollowly on the ground with three bullets in the chest.

You might think Zane’s ruthlessness places him in Slytherin, but his ruthlessness is reserved for criminals.  Even kind, gentle Molly Weasely was ruthless when her children were threatened. 

Zane is extremely loyal to Ty; even before he liked Ty, he stuck up for him with the other FBI agents and Serena Scott. When Burns wanted to send them back to New York after Ty’s concussion, Zane asked Ty if Ty was willing to go back, and told Burns off when Burns tried to insist.  Even after Ty revealed that he had been spying on Zane, Zane was unwilling to leave Ty alone to face the cops & the cartel.

So the way I see it, Ty is the Slytherin, the one who embraces deception and feels the ends justify the means, the one who wants to win at any cost, the one who blindly follows the orders of persons of dubious morality.

If I were the sorting hat, I would put Zane in Hufflepuff.  Although he is highly intelligent and highly educated, I think his hard work, determination, loyalty, and sense of justice define him more.



It seems in Sims the characters can write letters to each other. They do this whether you want them to or not. While I have been playing Nick and Kelly, Ty and Zane have had a busy pen. They don’t seem to agree with our pairings.


Ty to Nick:

I’ve been too shy to say it in person, but I…

Zane’s sounds like a bad Valentine’s Day card.  I love that he is hitting on Kelly, though.  Have they had any interaction except that time he found Kelly amusing while Nick was playing chess with Ty?